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Special Projects

Books ‘n Letters Studio is happy to look at any item you’d like to bring or send in. We are experienced working with clients to design and create specialty bindings and encasements. There is a large variety of papers and leathers to work with, as well as ideas to discuss. Arrange an appointment for a consultation by calling 214.363.7946.

Texas Counties Book

A large book of all the counties in Texas had many tattered, torn pages, such as this one. Some mends were done, edges flattened, and whole pages encapsulated using special technique with sheer Tengujo tissue.

Miniature Books

A miniature book should be no more than 3" vertically or horizontally. These three miniature books are smaller than that. The black one has a leather cover, the cream colored one is all paper, and the smallest one is 3/4" square with a folded paper cover.

Miniature Books as Christmas Ornaments

These miniature books are about 2-1/2" tall and made for Christmas ornaments. The pages were folded, sewn, backed, and cased with quarter-bound cover.

Artists Book in Clamshell

The design for the cover was embossed onto a sheet of colored aluminum and then folded over the boards. The text block is of Arches 90# HP paper. All was put together using a coptic stitch and placed in a matching cloth-covered clamshell box.

Custom Binding, Book, and Slip Case

Utilizing luscious Chiyogami paper and Japanese book cloth, this book was sewn, then attached to its cover with ribbons allowing the two buttons to decorate the spine. The housing is a matching slipcase.

Binding of The Thread That Binds

The book, "The Thread That Binds" by Pemela Leutz, was purchased in sheets and leather bound using Gary Frost's Sewn-Boards Binding method. The inset consists of a threaded needed backed by Chiyogami paper under polyester film, with the title blind-embossed along one side.

Pictorial Webster's

The "Pictorial Webster's" by John M. Carrera, purchased in sheets, was leather bound based on the K118 Medieval binding structure, with conservation-style headbands, and endsheets of marbled paper by Claire Guillot of France. Edges were colored and accented with dots of gold.