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Repair and Restoration

Usually there is more than one option for repairing a book. Various procedures will be explained and discussed, so it can be decided which procedures fit the needs of one’s project and budget. Estimates are available for repairs and restoration projects. Please call to schedule a consultation: 214.363.7946.

Father Goose Before

Frank Baum's "Father Goose" book was totally apart and not in good shape when received.

Father Goose After

Signatures were dusted, guarded, mended (many with page fills), and resewn. A new bookcloth spine pieces pulled the original covers together before casing.

Sappington Family Bible Before

This family's large Bible, extremely worn and torn, had obvious mends with cellophane tape, and had been previously rebound.

Sappington Family Bible After

Signatures were carefully disbound, mended or encapsulated, guarded and resewn on cords. The front and back cover boards were cleaned and treated, corners mended, then put together with a new spine. The original spine piece, applied to the new spine, was also cleaned and treated.

Mini Photo Book Restored

This small antique photo album was cleaned and retored. A clamshell was made to fit the album.

Set of Books

This 20-volume set of books from a local library were thoroughly restored. New quarter-bound leather covers with book cloth were constructed and titling done on each.

Bible Restoration

A small Bible, originally bound in white faux leather, was fully restored with a cover of white goat leather. Matching clamshell box made to house the Bible and protect it.